In search of Parramatta’s lost oranges

There I was, at the last session of Touring Tastes: exploring histories of Australian food and culture, a seminar put on by the History Council of NSW as part of the Orange Readers’ and Writers’ Festival 2018. The speaker was discussing tourism generally in Australia, and I guess because he was in Orange, casually mentioned how in the mid to late 1800’s Sydneysiders did day trips to amble among the orangeries of Parramatta.

Being immersed in organising SAG 22 you can imagine my delight at finding out something foodwise about our symposium site that had thus far gone unknown by we SAGgers. More, it presented an opportunity to explore the SAG 22 theme ‘Out of Place’, in part a play on the current fashion for valorising food that is ‘out’ of its place, as in a product of its physical and cultural locale. I immediately thought – Parramatta sourced marmalade tartlets for morning tea.



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