Where are the chestnuts? A recipe search.

Maria-Teresa Corino. 2018

Pictured above are chestnut trees planted along the Waikato River in Hamilton, New Zealand where Maria-Teresa Corino lives. ‘All over New Zealand’, she writes, ‘a bounty of chestnuts is available for free to anyone who can be bothered picking them off the ground. Unlike, for example, wild mushrooms, they can’t kill you, they might just prick you a little until you learn how to get through the burr. Or you can simply buy chestnuts, at lower prices than in many other countries, yet growers, and others, report that only newish immigrants get excited about them. Maybe we should blame cookbook writers, and the English language. And yes, ok, the shelling problem.’ In this article she goes in search of chestnut recipes in New Zealand cookbooks.


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