Diggings 12 June 2021

Excited to see this new publication from the CSIRO.

The unseen as fertile ground for new wisdom

Are we brave enough to love what is ugly inside and transform it? Are we brave enough to imagine a food system that does not involve old paradigms of poor farmers versus conscious consumers? Can we imagine a chain of production that is truly diverse and integrative? Or are we committed to what we call “the reality we have to reckon with” and unable to dare ourselves to take bigger risks both in our personal and public lives?


 Challenges that increasingly inform my food politics.

Deliveroo loses landmark case as sacked driver ruled an employee

Commissioner Cambridge said all of the facets of Mr Franco’s arrangement with Deliveroo, taken together “like the colours from the artist’s palette, emerged to form a complete picture” and showed he was an employee. Among the reasons were that Mr Franco did not build up his own business or brand as a rider, booked his shifts through a company system, did not have a distinct trade or profession, dressed in clothing with Deliveroo branding, and did not bring his own significant assets to the business.

Excellent news that will add pressure on the exploitative gig economy to smarten up.


And the Spanish Supreme Court has ruled in favour of workers also. I await the findings of the European Commission study into the gig economy.


Toughest laws in Australia set for food delivery companies in NSW

Food delivery companies will be required to provide protective equipment to riders in NSW, who will also be monitored with unique ID numbers by police, with the state government set to introduce the toughest safety laws in the country for the gig economy.


Now to see these laws put into practice.

Fire money: how Indigenous land management is transforming Arnhem Land

Last month more than 80 Indigenous rangers converged on Maningrida, a community on the top end coast, about 500km east of Darwin, to plan for the main event in the region’s ecological agenda: where and when to start burning. For millennia, fire has been the prime land management tool for Indigenous people and, while it has largely been taken out the hands of Aboriginal people in southern Australia, it has been reclaimed with a vengeance up north, with substantial environmental, social and financial results.


So excited when I read about the revival of traditional burning.

NSW labels flood-plain harvesting ‘legal’ but internal advice suggests opposite

When the NSW government went in to bat this month for a new licensing scheme for flood-plain harvesting, it neglected to mention one detail. It was sitting on internal legal advice that said flood-plain harvesting was illegal.

More irresponsible resource depleting from the mighty Murray-Darling.


Research reveals plastic levels in food staples

Rice is a staple food around the world so it is important we understand the quantity of microplastics we could be consuming. Our study found we may be consuming three to four milligrams of plastic through a single-serve or 100 grams of rice.


Glad when I do cook rice I wash it two or three times first and I never use instant rice.

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