Diggings 29 August 2021

Can’t resist posting this pic – brilliant mash-up of iconic Oz curry powder tin and an affirmation of the strength and resilience of Aboriginal Australians.

Opening Declaration of the Counter-Mobilization to Transform Corporate Food Systems

Large multinational corporations – including those dominating social communication and speculating in predictive product markets – are increasingly infiltrating the multilateral spaces of the United Nations to co-opt the narrative of sustainability and divert it back into the channels of further industrialization with digital and biotechnologies, extraction of wealth and labor from rural communities, and concentration of corporate power.  We reject false solutions which will continue to oppress and exploit people, communities and territories.


Live streaming the farm to the table

The live streaming e-commerce market in China is worth an estimated $66 billion, and is only expected to grow. Pinduoduo claims 800 million buyers, and wants to be “the world’s top grocer.” Another player in the C2M agricultural field, Taobao aims to attract over 200,000 rural farmers into its live streaming e-commerce platform, promising to provide training workshops for new recruits. As platforms, these mobile apps go beyond commerce and into the realm of social impact and intelligence.

Hope you can access this. Does anyone know whether/what apps are being used in this way in Oz?


Land of opportunity: more sustainable Australian farming would protect our lucrative exports (and the planet)

If Australia’s major trading partners apply carbon tariffs to agricultural products in future, Australian farmers will have a big incentive to make production less emissions-intensive. Potential ways to achieve this include:

  • better soil and native vegetation cover management
  • less fertiliser use
  • switching to lower-emitting sheep and cattle breeds
  • feed additives which make livestock emit less methane
  • moving from ruminant livestock to other sources of meat, such as kangaroo.

Such measures can result in increased agricultural productivity.

Though of course perhaps the single most effective way to achieve this is  to dramatically shift the ideological die-hards in the National Party who have a stranglehold over the present Australian federal government.


How much sugar is sneaking into your supermarket shop?

While more of us might be reaching for comfort food to cope with prolonged COVID-19 lockdowns, a new study is warning that Australians have far too much added sugar hiding in their weekly grocery haul and highlights a need for more upfront labelling. Researchers from The George Institute for Global Health have examined supermarket purchasing data of almost 7200 Australian households over a year-long period, and found that the amount of added sugar from packaged food and drink came to an average of nine teaspoons a day per person, going up to as high as 11 teaspoons, mainly among lower income households.

How many times does research have to prove what has been clear for more than half a century before meaningful effective regulations are put in place.


Rain the bee’s knees after bushfires but honey, the bees need more

Beekeepers are bouncing back from the devastating Black Summer bushfires, enjoying two bumper years after leaving the ravaged coastal forests to chase honey across inland NSW and Victoria. But they worry the 2019-20 fires will come back to haunt them if drought returns before the burnt forests they heavily relied on to feed their bees have fully recovered and overstocking stretches available resources.


Native bees make a healthy honey no others make, and now we know how

What this tells us then is that if the bees are sourcing nectar that ties in sucrose from the environment, then they’ll produce the honey that’s high in trehalulose with the added health benefits,” Dr Hungerford said. “Stingless bees are unique in that they they’re the only creatures that we know that produce it in a food.

 Looks like great news for we Type 2 diabetics. Now to source some and try it with fresh ricotta for breakfast.


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