Curry & Eggs: An Australian infatuation

As a child in Sri Lanka egg curry meant some version of whole hard-boiled eggs in a curry gravy. There isn’t a recipe for this in the cookery book of my grandmother Ada de la Harpe. She does have recipes for Devilled Eggs and Savoury Eggs which I will come to.  Curries were usually made by our cook Rosalind except or a few specialties that my grandmother either made or supervised Rosalind in the making thereof. We were a Burgher household (a community of mixed Sinhalese/Tamil and Dutch/Portuguese/French and curries were usually a mid-day meal, dinners being given over to English dishes in the main.

It was something of a surprise to me then, to first encounter the Australian combination of eggs and curry in the form of a canape of half a hard-boiled egg of which the yolk had been removed, mashed to a paste, then mixed with curry powder and heaped back into the white shell. Often, they were garnished with a dusting of paprika and a single leaflet of flat-leafed parsley.

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