Eating in Berlin

Thanks to Alison Vincent for directing, me, and now you, dear reader, to her terrific blog post on eating in Berlin. A first hand report on currywurst, yes, but much more as she visits the DDR museum and Domklause restaurant attached to it. I would kill for a set of Kost the Ost.

‘The Original Ketwurst stand at Friedichstrasse station (see also here) is but one example of the places specialising in food nostalgia. Vita Cola (which you can sample at the Domklause) and Spreewald pickles are available again. There is even a game called ‘Kost the Ost’ (Taste the East) based on cards featuring 46 different DDR food brand labels (only three of which are still available), 10,000 of which were sold in the first week of its release in late 1996.’


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